This is our traditional and longest practiced work.

It consists in handing over to us full implementation of your consolidated accounts

  1. For this work to be successful it needs :

    Real technical experience
    High ability with software
    An ordered and efficient method of collecting data within a co-operative approach
    Validating complex specific points with statutory auditors
    Major work documentation
    Compliance with time limits
    Pursuit of quality in presenting accounts brochures

This work is carried out with proven methodology and brings together all necessary participants under the control of one expert.

Our clients find it comforting to give us their consolidation work because they can no longer take on the growing complexity of the mission. They are able to analyze the quantitative data resulting and therefore have enough distance to verify and sometimes correct items in the consolidation where necessary.

This work is carried out using a consolidation software packages appropriate to clients’ needs.

Carrying out the first consolidation successfully is undoubtedly the most delicate mission.

  1. It requires

    Definition of consolidation scope
    Methods of consolidation to be applied
    Identification of the figures which are necessary for consolidation
    Identification of the reprocessing and elimination operations proper to the group
    Managing of entry data within the defined scope including previous financial years
    Fixing the right values of some assets and liabilities linked to the entry data under examination
    Preparing of accounting data and those relating to reprocessing, elimination and deferred taxation
    Closure on equity
    Drawing up consolidated accounts
    Customisation of the first draft brochure illustrating the consolidated accounts

This first publication requires excellent cooperation between the group’s financial services and our office. We act in such a way as to ensure that the budgets of such a mission are geared to the work shared between the group and the firm.

Completion of consolidated accounts or reporting at a distance (the SAAS or ASP models) is undoubtedly a broad path to future success. It allows one to share tasks of consolidation between the group and the firm providing the service.

  1. This is a mission that proceeds by the following main stages :

    The Choice of the IT tool for consolidation in the SAAS or ASP model
    Training in the chosen application
    The recovery of previous data for the first practice of drafting consolidated accounts
    Sharing out complex tasks such as reprocessing, deferred taxation, compliance in the cash-flow balance sheet, variations in scope, closing on equity and drafting the brochure for presentation to the auditors.

This type of mission is implemented for some of our clients, in order to accompany the internal consolidator in fine-pointing the consolidation.

  1. This type of intervention on the basis of data provided helps, for example, in :

    Fine-pointing the cash-flow balance sheet drawn up by the company to balance the cash-flow statement
    Validating the relevance of what reprocessing has been effected
    Confirming or resolving the scope of the entry data
    Validating or completing the closure of equity
    Validating or resolving a particular technical complexity
    Helping in putting together, or fine-pointing, the brochure

  2. These missions are, principally, undertaken and completed by experts or senior members of staff.

    Making consolidation consultants available to you
    Outsourcing consolidation services
    Auditing consolidated accounts

The major groups need specific resources from consultants having both expertise in consolidation and information skills linked to the application of consolidation tools.

EXENCO offers the provision of experienced consultants and experts who are able to :

Carry out appropriate work during intense periods of consolidation
Replace staff who have left or are absent responsible for consolidation or staff who are unavailable

    • Additionally, EXENCO offers its expert support and advice :

      • Assistance in implementing IFRS norms
      • Technical monitoring of IFRS norms
      • Assistance in drawing up Notes on Financial Statements
      • Assistance in resolving complex accounting problems
      • Technical assistance in company regrouping
      • Help in carrying out impairment testing for assets
      • Help in choosing the right consolidation software