Our Group

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The three firms, Fideliance, Dauge et Associés and Exenco are linking up to create a benchmark player in the audit, certified accounting and consultancy sectors in France.

Present in Paris and the Ile-de-France, boasting 200 professionals of which 20 associates and turning over almost 20 M€ (2013), our group is placed as one of the top 40 French firms.

Originated by Fideliance, this project brings together 3 firms which are already recognized on their markets, their complementary skills and specialities :

  • certified accounting, auditing, guidance for foreign subsidiaries, advice to heads of companies when it comes to Fideliance,

  • statutory and contractual auditing, risk consulting, assessment and valuations and Company Social Responsibilities by Dauge et Associés,

  • consolidation and financial reporting when it comes to Exenco.

With over 3 000 clients and some 300 statutory auditing assignments, our group offers midmarket participants and companies in the non-commercial sector multi-disciplinary services covering auditing, expertise and advice.