Reports and measurement of financial performance

To pilot your company, whatever its size, you will need clear indicators measuring the performance of your business and enabling you to make appropriate management decisions.

Our firm will assist you in the implementation and the optimization of your tools and will offer you assistance in producing your financial information.

Our specialist staff is there to assist you at all stages of your projects.

Ask for our advice to help you best master the ins and outs of your business and give meaning to your financial information.

Our flow-sheet takes into account all your constraints, both internal (organisation, pre-production systems) and external (shareholders, banks, clients and suppliers).

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  1. Implementation of monthly reporting and budgetary monitoring in a specially-created tool

    Our approach : Before any flow, the prerequisite analytical phase is the moment for us to target the real needs of your company and to take on board the constraints imposed on the players in the project. We favour simple solutions to be put in place, matching the data available in your pre-production systems.

    Example of a mission


    • An International Group
    • Sales of< €1billion
    • 15 subsidiaries


    • The periodic follow-up of business and objectives
    • Abandoning of multi-files  for reporting on spreadsheets


    • The team of the production head officeis small.

    Our Solution:

    By using a specially-designed application, we were able to make the production process reliable. The data is collected directly from the subsidiaries, thus making it possible to lighten the load of processing at the level of central teams. Reporting production time is much reduced, thus freeing up time for analysing the data produced.

  2. Optimising of the reporting production process

    Production of reporting for a company requires implementation of simple tools that allow one to facilitate production and make data secure.

    Our methodology rests on short-terms diagnostics (1 to 2 days) which is a way to detect avenues for improvement and carry out recommendations that allow teams to reduce production times and thus free up time for analysis.

    Example of a mission: Production of a monthly consolidated cash flow sheet (CFS).

    Context: A group of 45 subsidiaries under LBO required to produce a monthly consolidated cash flow sheet.


    • Sending out data at month end + 6 days
    • The team of the head office production is small.

    Our Solution:

    Production of a CFS involves collecting detailed flow sheet data. This is a very time-consuming chore to be done once a month and not one that could be done in a group context. We have put together a CFS which is fed automatically by the net variations in the balance sheets. The format of the CFS synthesis submitted to the shareholders was approved.

    The production and approval of the monthly CFS was completed in a single day by one employee.

    Example of a mission: Application of a collaborative tool for collating and compiling intragroup data

    Context: International Group with 35 subsidiaries

    Intragroups coming together to compile statutory data was a very time-consuming phase and the exchanges to be made between the various subsidiaries strewn across numerous different countries was a complex operation.

    Our Solution:

    A collaborative tool for collating intragroup invoice data made it possible to win a considerable amount of time. The accounting data is interfaced directly at collated automatically.

    Once the intragroup data has been processed, it is imported into the consolidation tool, thus avoiding the risk of making a double entry.

  3. Development of the performance indicators and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
      • To define, together with you, the key performance indicators that will allow you to make the right decisions in managing your business,
      • To present your information in a way that is readable and that speaks for itself,
      • To cleanse your reporting of any information that makes demands on production time and which isn’t used or is irrelevant for piloting your business

    Our approach:

    The monthly performance indicators are, often as not, a succession of tables and do not let you clearly distinguish what is the company’s real performance.

    We look for those key indicators that give you a quick overview of your business activity, so that you can then act on it.

  4. Applied maintenance

    We accompany our clients through all the life-cycles of their tools and are ready to meet their expectations when it comes to new needs arising.

    The applications which we deploy are completely mastered by our teams. We carry out application monitoring and are able to train our clients, if they so wish, in new functions.

  5. Assistance in producing your reporting

    Our team of consultants will accompany you in the production of your reporting. This assistance can extend as far as the complete outsourcing of the production to an ad hoc assistance.

    assistance a la production de vos reporting